GATE CS 2016

Quizzes in Programming Languages

C : Arrays, Pointers, String, Functions, Dynamic Memory Allocation and much more…

C++ : Constructors and Destructors, Operator Overloading, Inheritance, Virtual Functions, Templates and much more…

Java : Abstract Class and Interface, Packages, final keyword, Operators and much more…

Practice with DS & Algo Quizzes

Data Structures
Linked List, Stack & Queue, Heap, Trees (Binary, Binary Search, Balanced Binary Search, B & B++), Graph and much more…

Searching & Sorting, Analysis of Algos, Greedy Algos, Dynamic Programming, NP Complete, Graph Shortest Paths and much more…

Learn with Insight Articles

Commonly Asked C Programming Interview Questions
A Programmer’s approach of looking at Array vs. Linked List
What’s difference between “array” and “&array” for “int array[5]” ?
Few bytes on NULL pointer in C !
Stop and Wait ARQ

Difference Series

Operating System Articles
and much more…

Try out other Assorted Quizzes

Arithmetic Aptitude, English, Puzzles, General Aptitude, Interview Questions

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